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Sunday 7 October 2012

Good Deal : (one of) the best VPN and a permanent discount

Vypr VPN logoIf you are looking for a VPN offering :

  • servers around the world.
  • no limit or quota on flows ant duration (I'm testing for 12 months on a 100Mb/s connection : no clamping).
  • an excellent ping (less than 15ms slower your ping : I used to play various FPS and Racing video-games via a VPN).
  • PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP.

Most of the people seeking a serious VPN will advise Golden Frog VyprVPN (

The cheapest offer costs €12.49 per month (all you need, by renouncing OpenVPN and L2TP to use PPTP only). The complete offer costs €16.49 per month.
This is already an excellent price, but you can use a trick to reduce the subscription of about €4 per month. Once subscribed, ask to terminate your contract : Golden Frog will offer you to continue your subscription with a preferential rate. The good news is that this reduction is not limited in time: it's been more than 6 months that I benefit from this discount.

You can have the very best in terms of VPN for less than €9 per month. So, what to remember :

  • subscribe to the offer that suits you.
  • initiate a termination.
  • accept the new subscription offer.
  • enjoy !

Attention : VyprVPN is also offered at Giganews, but it is decked out various additional services (online storage...) that will increase the invoice.

Wednesday 16 May 2012

TikiOne-Steam-Cleaner 1.2.1 : localized, faster, better

Update (Wednesday 16 May 2012) :

Version 1.3.0 it out ! It introduces many changes (the changelog file is shipped with the program package). Click here to download (322KB).
As usual, it is a Java program. If you don't have installed Java on your system, you can use a version which already includes it : click here to download (27MB).

PS : I can now devote more time to complete the tutorial on creating dictionaries for the NetBeans online spellchecker ;)
See you soon.

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Friday 3 February 2012

TikiOne-Steam-Cleaner : the best companion of Steam users

I'd like to present a tool I have recently developed : TikiOne-Steam-Cleaner. Only Windows Steam users are concerned.

  • the good old time :

When you installed a video game from a CD or a DVD, you installed some redistributable packages too : DirectX, Games For Windows Live Redist, VC Redist, Rapture3D, NVidia PhysX Redist, etc. They were installed from the CD/DVD, and those installers didn't stay on your hard drive.

  • now, Steam, the problem :

The Steam application allows you to download games from the Internet and install them, but what about these redistributable packages ? You probably saw they are installed the first time you launch your game, OK, but what happens to these files when they go wasted ? The answer is very simple : Steam doesn't delete them. An example : install the first complete season of Sam & Max (6 episodes) : every episode is about ~300MB. For each of them, you can count 100MB for the DirectX redistributable package. Yes, it is about a third of the game files size, and they are not removed by Steam. For 6 episodes, you could save 600MB. Imagine what you could save for 10 or 20 games.

  • the solution :

A little tool that is able to list every redistributable package stored on your Steam directories, and allows you to remove them. This is the goal of TikiOne-Steam-Cleaner. This is a very simple program : set the Steam SteamApps folder (this is a sub-folder of the Steam application), click Search, you choose what file or folder you want to remove.

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Friday 30 December 2011

TikiOne-INI: another Java library to handle INI text files

I'd like to present a small Java library I have developed: TikiOne-INI. This library is designed to provide advanced support for INI text files. There are Java 1.4 and Java 5 versions, and main characteristics are:

  • it handles INI files only. It has not been complicated to support extra formats like Windows Registry REG files, etc: one library for one goal.
  • it is documented (Javadoc + tutorials) and easy to use.
  • it is highly configurable: you can customize INI file format support, disable and enable a lot of features, and tweak some performance aspects.
  • it supports most common INI features: basic and advanced features like UTF-8 escapes, line concatenation, shortcuts to sections/keys, calls to System properties, etc.

TikiOne-INI is OpenSource and distributed under the GPL license. You can find it at : TikiOne-INI website