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Tuesday 11 December 2012

Some news before the end of the world

  • I'm proud to announce I am now on the NetBeans DZone website. You can now follow my articles at I'd like to thank Geertjan Wielenga, who introduced me to DZone. My first tutorial is about NetBeans, Tomcat and the JRebel plugin. I'll try to give more details on this technology through future articles.

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  • I have just released Portuguese and Brazilian dictionaries for the NetBeans spellchecker module. You can check it here. I thank Gustavo for giving me the idea.
  • Dammit, I've just received my first donation ! I'm talking about TikiOne Steam Cleaner, the software I've started to develop one year ago already. I don't develop this kind of programs for money (I still loose money, for my website hosting), but getting a gift is very motivating. I'd like to thank the giver : Alan Daniels.
  • Special thank to the TikiOne Steam Cleaner contributors : Ulli Kunz for the German translation file, Zsolt Brechler for the Hungarian translation file, and Petr Kudlička who helped me to improve redistributable packages installers detection.

Wednesday 16 May 2012

TikiOne-Steam-Cleaner 1.2.1 : localized, faster, better

Update (Wednesday 16 May 2012) :

Version 1.3.0 it out ! It introduces many changes (the changelog file is shipped with the program package). Click here to download (322KB).
As usual, it is a Java program. If you don't have installed Java on your system, you can use a version which already includes it : click here to download (27MB).

PS : I can now devote more time to complete the tutorial on creating dictionaries for the NetBeans online spellchecker ;)
See you soon.

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Friday 3 February 2012

TikiOne-Steam-Cleaner : the best companion of Steam users

I'd like to present a tool I have recently developed : TikiOne-Steam-Cleaner. Only Windows Steam users are concerned.

  • the good old time :

When you installed a video game from a CD or a DVD, you installed some redistributable packages too : DirectX, Games For Windows Live Redist, VC Redist, Rapture3D, NVidia PhysX Redist, etc. They were installed from the CD/DVD, and those installers didn't stay on your hard drive.

  • now, Steam, the problem :

The Steam application allows you to download games from the Internet and install them, but what about these redistributable packages ? You probably saw they are installed the first time you launch your game, OK, but what happens to these files when they go wasted ? The answer is very simple : Steam doesn't delete them. An example : install the first complete season of Sam & Max (6 episodes) : every episode is about ~300MB. For each of them, you can count 100MB for the DirectX redistributable package. Yes, it is about a third of the game files size, and they are not removed by Steam. For 6 episodes, you could save 600MB. Imagine what you could save for 10 or 20 games.

  • the solution :

A little tool that is able to list every redistributable package stored on your Steam directories, and allows you to remove them. This is the goal of TikiOne-Steam-Cleaner. This is a very simple program : set the Steam SteamApps folder (this is a sub-folder of the Steam application), click Search, you choose what file or folder you want to remove.

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