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Wednesday 13 March 2013

How to build a dictionary for the NetBeans online spellchecker (updated)

I'll try to explain how I have developed the French, German and Spanish dictionaries for the NetBeans online spellchecker : we will (re)build a French dictionary for NetBeans 7.3.

Summary :

  1. expand GNU Aspell dictionaries files.
  2. checkout the NetBeans 7.3.0 FCS sources from Mercurial repository.
  3. open the English dictionary project and make a copy.
  4. modify the copied project.
  5. make the NBM file and test it.
  6. (optional) sign the NBM file and submit it to the community for validation.

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Monday 27 February 2012

How to download the "Axis2 Support" plugin for NetBeans

You have probably noticed that some unmaintained or buggy plugins have been removed from NetBeans 7.1 default Update Centers (UC), like the Axis2 Support plugin. They are available if you use an old version of NetBeans (every version of NetBeans has its own default Update Centers, so unmaintained or buggy plugins are removed from newer versions of NetBeans).

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Tuesday 27 December 2011

Dictionaries Plugins validation - PMD plugin for NetBeans updated

Hi everyone,

I'm proud to announce three things :

  • I am one of the new Plugin Verifiers for the NetBeans Community (my nickname : ent38). Thanks to Jiří Kovalský and all the team !
  • the French, German and Spanish dictionaries for the NetBeans online spellchecker are now validated : you can find them directly from the NetBeans Update Centers, for NetBeans 6.9, 7.0 and 7.1.


  • I have packaged a version of the PMD plugin for NetBeans with PMD 4.2.6. You can download it here. I have set the version to, so you can upgrade your 2.2.7 version (which is built around PMD 4.2.5) if you already have it.

I wish you happy holidays !

Monday 12 September 2011

Unit Tests Code Coverage Plugin (updated for NetBeans 7.0)

Hi everyone,

You may know the Unit Tests Code Coverage Plugin for NetBeans. It provides a good way to see testing coverage results within the NetBeans IDE. It works with EMMA and is initially developed for NetBeans 6.0/5.0.
Unfortunately, this plugin is not compatible with NetBeans 7.0.x. In addition, it is hard to find a link to download the NetBeans 6.x version of this plugin (the link you can find in the plugin page leads to a tutorial). To finish, its maintenance seems to be stopped.

So, I've decided to package a NetBeans 7.0.x compatible version, and provide a NetBeans 6.9 version too :)

You can find this new version at There is a ZIP file that contains NBM files for NetBeans 6.9.x and 7.0.x.

Hope you'll find it useful.

Sunday 11 September 2011

French, German and Spanish dictionaries for the NetBeans online spellchecker

Hi everyone,

Here are my three first plugins for NetBeans 6.9.x and 7.0.x : dictionaries files for the online spellchecker. It works like the English dictionaries plugin that you can download from the Plugin Manager. You'll find my plugins in the Plugin Portal update center (already registered in NetBeans), or via the website.

Please read the installation instructions provided in the pages before trying them.
Finally, don't hesitate to send me suggestions or additional word lists to complete these dictionaries ;)