GitHubTikiOne JaCoCoverage is a NetBeans module that provides JaCoCo code coverage (Java7 compatible). Take it as a modern alternative to the EMMA and Cobertura based plugins.
For Ant based JavaSE projects. JavaEE, Maven, NetBeans Modules and Gradle support will be added later.
You can check sources and documentation on my GitHub workspace. Also, this plugin is registered on NetBeans PluginPortal and validated: that means you can install it directly from your IDE. Launch the NetBeans Plugins Manager and search for a TikiOne JaCoCoverage plugin and install it.

I am writing a short book about the JRebel technology: what is JRebel, how it works, how to work with Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA and NetBeans, and how to deal with local and remote Tomcat and GlassFish servers. My editor is Packt Publishing.
I have a gift for you: do you want to receive a dead tree version of this book? I'll have two copies to offer. Send me an email and explain me why you are interested in a JRebel introduction ;) (you can check my email address on GitHub)