I'd like to present a small Java library I have developed: TikiOne-INI. This library is designed to provide advanced support for INI text files. There are Java 1.4 and Java 5 versions, and main characteristics are:

  • it handles INI files only. It has not been complicated to support extra formats like Windows Registry REG files, etc: one library for one goal.
  • it is documented (Javadoc + tutorials) and easy to use.
  • it is highly configurable: you can customize INI file format support, disable and enable a lot of features, and tweak some performance aspects.
  • it supports most common INI features: basic and advanced features like UTF-8 escapes, line concatenation, shortcuts to sections/keys, calls to System properties, etc.

TikiOne-INI is OpenSource and distributed under the GPL license. You can find it at : Sourceforge.net TikiOne-INI website